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There are a variety of reasons why online sessions might be exactly what you need:

  • Flexibility: You travel extensively or live abroad and cannot access on-site sessions on a regular basis.
  • Discretion and privacy: You want to discuss your personal concerns in a confidential and secure environment, without being seen by others.
  • Time saving: You save yourself the ride to the therapist and gain valuable time that you can use elsewhere.
  • Crisis intervention: If you have an urgent matter, you will receive fast support without long waiting times.
  • Low-barrier solution: You are restricted in your mobility or leaving the house / entering new rooms makes you uncomfortable for other reasons.
  • Convenient for daily planning: The sessions can be easily integrated into your daily routine without you having to make too many ajustments.

What is Somatic Experiencing®?

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented therapy for releasing traumatic stress from the body. The founder, Dr. Peter A. Levine, discovered that we can develop a variety of somatic and psychological symptoms when survival energy of the fight, flight and freeze response gets stuck in the body and doesn't find a way to get processed and released. 

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) works with the instinctive parts of the nervous system helping the body to naturally and organically complete the biological cycle of survival responses. In this way, the stored stress can be released and the body's sense of safetey restored.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) can be used to address various types of shock trauma and developmental trauma such as: Violence, physical and emotional abuse, witnessing horrifying events, medical trauma, accidents, falls, near-drowning experiences, natural disasters, transgenerational and collective trauma as well as prenatal, perinatal, and childhood trauma. 

Different to other trauma therapies, the traumatic events do not have to be relived and confronted. Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a gentle and smooth way of moving through the body's physical responses to traumatic stress stuck in the nervous system and restoring the natural balance organically from within.

Symptoms you might be stuggling with from unprocessed traumatic stress

  • Emotional Dysregulation: Struggling to regulate emotions, leading to mood swings, emotional numbness, or overwhelming feelings of fear, anger, or sadness, hypersensitivity.
  • Hypervigilance: Being excessively alert and vigilant, constantly scanning the environment for potential threats, not able to calm down and relax.
  • Hyperarousal: A heightened state of arousal, characterized by being easily startled, having difficulty concentrating, irritability, and problems with sleep.
  • Relational problems: Difficulty setting boundaries or setting too harsh boundaries, fear of abandonment  or avoidant of attachment, frequent conflicts, unstable rollercoaster relationships, codependency, jealousy and insecurity, intimacy issues etc.
  • Feeling Detached: A sense of feeling disconnected from numb or disconnected from the body or disconnectes from other people,  leading to difficulties in forming or maintaining relationships. 
  • Intrusive thoughts and memories: Recurrent and distressing memories of the traumatic event may intrude into daily life, causing flashbacks or sleep issues like insomnia or nightmares.
  • Physical Symptoms: Unprocessed traumatic stress can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and other stress-related issues like pain, tension and fatigue.

What to expect from Somatic Experiencing® (SE) online sessions?

Even though Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented approach, it does not nessecarily involve touch and can be done effectively online. I will be guiding you through your bodily experiences (sensations, feelings, impulses, movements) and enable the release of traumatic stress from your nervous system. We will also discuss and explore your emotions, thoughts and possible images that might come up and integrate them into the therapeutic process to develop greater resilience and restore your nataural inner balance.

Is there a the difference to face-to-face sessions?

In an online session, the therapy process is just as valuable as it is in a face-to-face session. My experience shows that it works perfectly, even without personal contact, to establish a warm, empathetic  and trusting relationship and create a safe space for a smooth and deep therapeutic process. Both Talk Therapy and Somatic Experiencing® can be conducted online safely, professionally, and conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

Getting ready for your online session 

I will send you a securely encrypted link to the online session. We meet at the agreed time in the virtual therapy room. Make sure that you are in a private space where you can speak freely and openly without any outside interruptions disturbing the process. I recommend using a laptop or PC. While smartphones and tablets meet the technical requirements, they have a small screens, which could be tiring for you.

Duration and Investment

  • Free first call to discuss your and see if we are good fit:

| 15 minutes – free

  • Regular online session adaptable to your needs:

| 60 / 90 / 120 minutes – 90 / 130 / 170 Euros

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